The crew

die Crew Cachalote Projekt

Experts and enthusiastic people wanted

To build this boat, many different participants are required.

This page is still quite blank, and I want to fill in the gaps.

With “The Crew”, I am not only addressing the people who will actually live and work on board the Cachalote.

I need supporters in many different areas. Individuals or groups who help with their expertise in the following areas:

1. Desalination products which you would recommend, which work best, which require the least maintenance, which produce the most fresh water, which are the most environmentally friendly, which require the least energy to operate, etc. ?

2. Solar modules which would you recommend, which work best, which require the least maintenance, which generate the most energy in the smallest space, etc. ?

3. Wind generators the same questions: which ones would you recommend, which ones work best, which ones require the least maintenance, which generate the most power, etc. ?

4. Water-powered engines if you have good experience or proof that Stanley Meyer’s experimental water-powered car actually works and can be applied to our marine engines, please contact me. Or any other viable technology that replaces the need for diesel fuel.

5. Financial advice and/or support everyone is welcome to share their ideas on how to raise the money for Cachalote.

6. Anything else you see in the design of the ship that could be improved to make the ship more advanced, environmentally friendly and self-supporting.

On all the above topics, I welcome new inventions and ideas in these areas. That’s what Cachalote stands for.

Belief in a particular idea gives the researcher the support for his work. Without this faith, he would be lost in a sea of doubts and half-valid proofs

– Konrad ZuseGerman civil engineer, inventor and entrepreneur, 1910 1995

Jürg Zimmermann

is a Swiss citizen, licensed Yachtmaster and PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor.

My history in short:

  • Currently travelling as a digital nomad, currently living in Fuerteventura, Spain
  • Birthday: 14. 01. 1962, 2 adult sons, divorced
  • Born and trained in Switzerland, business school, analyst/programmer for software companies, project manager and department head for international large Swiss banks, business owner RE/MAX Real Estate Spain.
  • Lived and worked in: Bern Switzerland, London UK, Guernsey Channel Islands, Madrid, Ebro Delta, Ibiza Spain, Alentejo Portugal, Dresden Germany
  • Burnout, change of values, change of lifestyle, change of everything
  • Tamera, my monastery: Free energy research, contact with permaculture and the construction of a water-retention landscape, personal experiences with prana food, themes of community building, love and sexuality, studies of the holographic universe.
  • Pool of “Doctors Without Borders” as a logistician, Germany. Missions in Ethiopia, South Sudan, Congo DRC, Tanzania and Libya.
  • Certified HeartMath Coach & Group Trainer, stress and emotion management.
  • Web design and web applications,
Jürg Zimmermann


Jürg Zimmermann
DE +49 (0)176 55252370
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I'm working as a digital nomad,
currently living on Fuerteventura, Spain