A project for self-help and self-sufficient energy supply at sea

Cachalote sketched

A ship as a symbol of another philosophy of life

The word “Cachalote” is Spanish and Portuguese for “sperm whale”. It is also the name of our ship – a 65 foot catamaran designed to sleep 14 people.

Just a fantasy for freaks... ?

We plan and dream to build a 65-foot catamaran with a lugger sail, according to the innovative design and construction plans of Tim Dunn, BigCat, Inc. , in Arlington, Washington (USA).

A unique design

A fast ship. Estimated maximum speed 26 knots.
6 double and 2 single cabins

Would you like to be part of this project ?

Please let us know your thoughts, ideas and suggestions about the project Cachalote. We look forward to receive your mail.

Let’s continue …


Our project is to build an eco-friendly sailing ship. A call to us humans to take more responsibility and support our quest for a healthy environment. A boat that shows that energy can be “free”, inexpensive and accessible to everyone. A floating lab. . .


My philosophy is based on therecent” scientific findings and discoveries of quantum physics, along with the writings of Bruce Lipton, Michael Talbot, Lynne McTaggart, Tamera Community and others. . .

Free energie

All my life I have seen the use of energy (electricity, gasoline, gas and solar) as controversial, limited availability, polluting and very expensive. Besides, I had to work hard to get it.

It doesn’t have to be like this!


The catamaran

  • Unique in its design
  • A unusual philosophy
  • A open source project
  • A floating laboratory for research on hydrogen fuel, zero-point, wind/solar energy
  • A place to hold Work-Shops of all kinds
  • A place to meet people
  • A place for fun and joy to explore marine life
  • A place for individuals to find inner peace
  • Eco-friendly and self-sustainable

Looking for sponsors

We are looking for people who are enthusiastic and able to contribute actively to the financing (money or know-how) of this project.

Sponsors are welcome.

Entering a port is more than just arriving

The word “harbour” is magic. After a long day of sailing, it means peace, protection, fun, eating and dancing, doing nothing or time for repairs.

Harbor has something spiritual for me too. “Getting to yourself”: Knowing who I am and what my job is. Being able to live out my real abilities is what I feel when I sail into a port.

Do you want to find out for yourself?


“Yes, I have violence in me, but not negative. When a tiger tears its tamer, they say the tiger is violent and puts a bullet in its head. My violence is the violence of the free man who refuses to submit. Creation is violent. Life is violent. Birth is violent. A storm, an earthquake are violent movements of nature. My violence is the violence of life. It is not violence against nature, like the violence of the state, which sends your children to the slaughterhouse, dull your brains and expels your souls!”

– Klaus Kinski,   German actor, 1926 – 1991

“A strong mind is not one capable only of strong movements, but one which remains in equilibrium with the strongest movements, so that in spite of the storms in the chest of insight and conviction, like the needle of the compass on the stormy ship, the finest play is permitted.

– Carl von Clausewitzm, Prussian Major General, 1780 – 1831


Jürg Zimmermann
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I'm working as a digital nomad,
currently living on Fuerteventura, Spain