Leitbild Cachalote Projekt

We want to build an eco-friendly sailing ship

A call to us humans to take more self-responsibility and support our quest for a healthy environment. A boat that shows that energy can be “free”, inexpensive and accessible to everyone. A floating laboratory in search of new innovative, eco-friendly ideas for self-sufficient living at sea.

A place to hold workshops of all kinds. A place to meet people, find inner peace, sail and enjoy the maritime environment. A place for inventors, dissidents, freaks and just plainly curious people.

To create a meeting place for people with innovative ideas for non-centralized energy.

An integral part of our mission statement is the question of “Who we are” and/or “Who we could be”, in search of another form of life and freedom. Look at our judgements and convictions and values and start living free. Free from fear, free from partiality and clinging, free from the past and the future and to develop ourselves into strong, radiant, self-confident and independent beings. Free from governments, religions and gurus of all kinds. To develop into persons who follow their enthusiasm, joy and love and begin to enjoy life on this earth without limitations.

We need to know what we think and what we say, even if there is a risk of unpopularity.

– Eleanor RooseveltHuman rights activist, diplomat and wife of US President Franklin D. Roosevelt

To the name of the ship

Mainly because of our fascination with whales and dolphins and a very special encounter with sperm whales. So we decided on the name Cachalote, which means “sperm whale” in Spanish and Portuguese.

A big thank you to Stephen Davis, who produced the videos shown on the homepage and to the crew, who contributed with their photos and videos.



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I'm working as a digital nomad,
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