Free energy

A human right

There are different definitions of “free energy. One of the more popular definitions is that “free energy” is freely available to the consumer and is not sold to the public by a particular manufacturer/operator.

Another attribute of “free energy” is that it is available in “inexhaustible” quantities and does not pollute the environment.

The subject of “free energy” or the subject of energy in general is not covered in this web page. The Internet is full of useful and unfortunately also less useful information.

Progress in one direction cannot be achieved without removing the possibility of progress in another direction.

– Paul Feyerabend, Austrian philosopher and theorist of science, 1924 – 1994

All my life I have experienced the use of energy (electricity, gasoline, gas and solar) as controversial, limited availability, polluting and very expensive. Besides, I had to work hard to get it.

I have made my own experiences and experiments with hydrogen. In my Mitsubishi Spacewagon, 2 litre engine, we have installed a so-called fuel saver. We have been able to reduce the consumption from 9 to 10 liters to 7. This experiment taught me that gasoline engines are designed to consume petrol instead of burning as little as possible.

Water-powered engines are a wide-ranging topic. Very interesting and promising. And the idea and technology is by no means new …

Projects for Brown’s Gas, Stan Meyer electrolysis, orgone and zero-point energy experiments have been known for half a century. And I think there are other things I don’t know about.

Stan Meyer Equinox on Youtube

This project aims to help install some of these technologies on board the Cachalote. No proprietary technology is being developed.

The idea is to design this energy topic like an open source project. Everyone is welcome to contribute their knowledge. The results belong to the public.

The Cachalote, with its unique design, is an excellent ambassador for such technologies.

With a little PR, others get it too.


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